BNJARS Helps with the Live TV Production
from the ship's TV Control room

Margaret & Dave Burgess help Ebe Helm in the control room during the production.
Also helping but not shown in picute was Steve Bromhead.

The Camera Crew
Some pictures taken by Ralph Schwank & Bill Driesbach

Peter-N Butler and Lou Priestley help set up one
of the cameras for the shoot.

Arnold Wallace, Jr, Ruben Kafenbaum &
Peter-N Butler adjust camera.

Dave Webb gets the feel of another camera for the event.

Bill Driesbach has his turn on the camera.

Lou Priestley , Dave Webb & Bill Driesbach watch the crowd
gathering on the pier.

Ralph Schwank lines up a possible shot for the production

<<<<< Arnold Wallace, Jr, Ruben Kafenbaum & Bob Jones
readying the camera up on the 011 level.

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