Restoration Pictures March & April 2004

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Ski, Woody and Dave hang restored Alarm Panel in the Message Handling area

Gene did a good job installing the drawers to house the scanners which broadcast audio to different areas of the ship

Bill & John display the SRR-19 that they restored for FACCON-1

Bill managed to find another tight squeeze. This time he had to crawl under the shack table and squeeze behind the shelf unit holding the station computers.

Gail, Ralph and Paul work on more of the switchboard panels.

Doug works on taping off the ends of wires in the switchboard panels.

Bill replaces the restored SRR-19 back into the rack in FACCON-1

One of our newest members, Rob, works on pulling out some unused cables in the shack.

Racks attained during our recent visit to the Philly Shipyard are on their way to SSES.

More shipyard items being stored in proper places.

Finally found a status board to replace the missing one in Radio Central.

Our ATV experts work on setting up our ATV station.

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