Restoration Pictures August thru September 2003

Pictures on these pages are the copyright of Dave & Margaret Burgess and may not be copied, printed,
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John has been working on getting one of the RB radios up and running

Bob strips wires from some old harnesses

Woody & Ed work on fixing the leak in the URA-38 coupler

The inside of the coupler is still as clean as the day it was installed.

Rob works on one of the switchboard panels in FACCON-1

Gene and Ed replace a battery in the UPS in the shack.

Terry gets his turn working on the switchboard panels.

Some of our members enjoy a lunch

Woody works on the 6 meter radio with the assistance of Jon.

Ray and Ruben work on installing a wind speed/direction box in the shack.

Bruce works on one of the LED displays in Radio central.

Dave Webb works on the serial data patch panel for the packet and APRS displays in Radio Central.

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