(radio room 2)

Restoration Pictures from July thru December 2002

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Stan's World gets better everytime we see it.

Gary, our member from Ohio, came out with a couple of ham friends to work on the URT-23

Jesse & Bob, friends of Gary, spent a very long and hot day working on the URT-23 transmitter - Thanks Guys!

Here's the equipment they were working on

Larry & Gene move another URT-23 into the Xmtr room after the raid in October

Larry, Bill & John S. worked on one of the URT-23s and got it up and running

Forward portion of transmitter room showing some of the equipment being restored - namely the URT-23s and an old tty machine.

Aft portion of room shows some of the donated "old" transmitters and receivers which are being restored.

John S. shows off the now functional RBC receiver

Thanks to Ebe Helm, we now have 3 equipment racks for the xmtr room. The following 2 pics show how perfectly the CA-1100 patch panel from one of the recent shipyard raids fits into one of these racks.

CA-1100 in rack

Another view of the rack and the tty machine soon to be restored for use.

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