Restoration Pictures from May thru Dec 2002

Pictures on these pages are the copyright of Dave & Margaret Burgess and may not be copied, printed,
downloaded or used for any reason, or in any way, without their consent.

A view of the bulkhead behind the HF table
with cables showing

Sheetmetal wall installed behind HF table
for use as a bulletin board

Connections are made to the SRA-49 Antenna coupler - we now have the ship's antennas running through this coupler to the a couple of live HF radios.

Gene works on connecting more lights on the tty equipment

Gary, WB8YSE, a former BB62 radioman from 82-84, visits the radio room

Antennas cables are connected to the working SRA-49 antenna coupler

Joe and Dave work on mounting the Harris radios in FACCON 1

Gene works on rewiring the red phone on the board in Radio Central

Margaret gets behind the board Gene is working on so she can read cable numbers

Dave doesn't look too happy squeezing behind the racks in FACCON 1

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