Some Pictures of other Areas on BB62

Restoration Pictures from May thru Dec 2002

Pictures on these pages are the copyright of Dave & Margaret Burgess and may not be copied, printed,
downloaded or used for any reason, or in any way, without their consent.

Missle launcher box is opened and put in firing position

New addition to the missle launchers - looks like it's ready to go!

Gene, Dave & Harry get a close up look inside the launcher box.

Lou files more QSL cards - notice some cards on the side of the cabinet

The volunteers have been busy painting the machine shop in preparation for tours.

Sam shows off the BNJARS patch he designed for the club

Gene works on a red phone in the Helo Control Tower


BB62 barbership

Laundry #1

Laundry #2

Laundry #3

Dave Webb works on replacing parts in the wind speed integrator


John S. works on one of the torn tape timers to be restored in Radio Central.

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