(radio room 2)

Restoration Pictures from October - December 2001

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Lowering the first piece down the hatch - notice the chains and block & tackle used.

Overhead hoist & rail is used to move the equipment from the hatch down Broadway to the xmtr room

Here's the piece of ship equipment that saved our guys a lot of effort

After rigging the first piece, workers watch as it is being lowered down from wardroom to third deck.

A view looking up from 3rd deck to the wardroom hatch - notice the 2nd deck ladder has been removed.

Rigging the final cabinet to be lowered

Group picture of those who helped with this job - THANKS GUYS!

The two transmitters in place in the transmitter room on 3rd deck

Stan at work down in "Stan's World" (xmtr room)

Several of the guys work on cleaning up the large transmitters in "Stan's World"

Bob works on cleaning some of the xmtr parts

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