Restoration Pictures from October, 2001

Pictures on these pages are the copyright of Dave & Margaret Burgess and may not be copied, printed,
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A rack is installed over the VHF table in the ham shack to hold the 2 meter radios

Final tightening of the racks before opening day

Ed & Gene make some adjustments to the tty machines

Members setup one of the stations in the ham shack

Gene Holben helps out in the radio room during the tours on Saturday

The radio room docent gives a talk to one of the tours on Saturday - Ted is also a member of BNJARS

Dave gets some help from the ship crew to fix a blown circuit before guests arrived on Sunday

Bill works on some of the NAVMAC equipment to "light it up"

Ed & Gene continue working the the tty equipment


Todd tagged along with Ed and is learning how to maintain the tty equipment


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