Restoration Pictures from September, 2001

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Ray & Charlie work on installing the new antenna patch panel in FACCON 2 (the Ham Shack)

The door to the Ham Shack gets a new coat of paint

The Antenna Patch panel is ready for feedlines to be attached

The clock has been installed in the Ham Shack - guess we are finally making progress!

More equipment gets placed in the racks in radio central

"Coke Machine" continues to have displays lit up

Bob Herman works on the NAVMAC printers

Two members reroute more antenna wires in the Ham Shack

Final touch to restore the radio room to the 1989 configuration - It was a tight fit and a long process down that passageway from the Wardroom, but here are the guys who spent close to an hour moving the large copy machine into radio central - Thanks guys!

The Ham Shack door gets it's final touch of blue - it really fits in now! Thanks Phil.

A view of the 1989 configuration of Radio Central, as near as we can make it!

Another view of the room in a nearly complete
1989 restoration.

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