Restoration Pictures from August, 2001

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Work continues on classification lights

The tour docents get an intro to Radio Central

Model 28 tty punches some tape messages.

Jim works on gutting another NAVMAC terminal in prep for modifications

Gene installs timers on a couple of the tty machines

Dave & Doug talk to a visitor from the USS Yorktown and give him a tour of radio central

Dave, Tom & Bill discuss how to remove floor anchor plates in FACCON 2- this is where the VHF table will be built

Charlie starts work on the anchor plates

Ruben prys up the final corner on one of the plates - next week we can start building the VHF table.

Bob & Stan check out the R390 - it seems to be working OK

Ray works on one of the antenna boxes and Ed continues to get a model 28 tty machine up and running

Nancy works on rechecking some of the cables in FACCON 1

Gene & Ralph run some cable for the computer network system

Dave works on building the VHF table in the shack (FACCON 2)

An almost completed VHF table

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