BB62 Antennas

Retoration Pictures from August 2001

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Work begins on cleaning up the terminator boxes for the antennas

The mast has been replaced and looks good

Twin Stub antennas have been remounted

One of the whips mounted on front of bridge. -  picture courtesy of Harry, AA2WN

Ruben assists Dave, Gene, & Ron as they prepare to climb to the mast platform to check the cut off cable section for the fan antenna.

Up on the platform you can see where the cables had been cut.

Moving the terminator box for the twin stub antennas to the deck for installation.

Using the man-lift to get the box to the 02 level - the lift wouldn't go any higher.

Hauling the terminator box up one more level by hand. - many thanks to the ship's maintenance people for helping

Putting the box in it's final resting place

If you look closely, you can see all of the recently installed antennas in this picture.

Harry works on connecting the twin stub antennas to the terminal box. - testing showed the antennas has a flat responce from 9 to 30 MHz.

<<<<<BNJARS Centipede Brigade moves some of the wire antennas down Broadway

The antenna wires reach topside and
are stretched out in prep for installation

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