(radio room 2)

Restoration Pictures through July 2001

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Transmitter room view looking from door on Broadway- we cataloged 426 cable ends in this room. But, all the equipment is gone!

View from outboard bulkhead looking toward Broadway door

WA2TVS cataloging some of the cables.- Cataloging helped us identify what equipment was present and where it was located in the room.

Closeup of just one of the groups of cables - this group contained 56 cable ends.

WA2TVS going through some of the manuals found that go with the missing equipment. Manuals were found in a nearby "gun magazine"

Rerouting cables - Dave, Joe and Steve moving a cable in the transmitter room in order to extend HF antennas up to FACCON 2 (the ham shack)

Disc cone antenna wires stretched out on Xmtr floor - these wires have been inspected in preparation for reinstallation on the Disc Cone
antenna support.

Jean & Steve work on manual inventory in the transmitter room.

Future plans are to set up the transmitter room as a Museum of WWII vintage radios.

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