Restoration Pictures through July, 2001

Pictures on these pages are the copyright of Dave & Margaret Burgess and may not be copied, printed,
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A door for the ham shack - just waiting to be installed.

Packet monitor getting fine tuned

Loading tape in the tty punch machines

The "coke machine" gets even more lights

Working on door for ham shack

Ham Shack door completely installed

Work starts on the NAVMAC printers to light them up

Doug installs speakers for the TD devices show at the top of the picture.

Ralph, our "official electrician" works on the breaker panels

Work continues on the sound powered phones

Moving a rack from FACCON 2

New position for the rack - next to the "coke machine"

Gary & friends install the last of the modified R1051s

Don't they look great all lit up??????!!!!!!!

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