BB62 Antennas

Restoration Pictures through End of March 2001

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These are the cables/wires for the disc cone antenna and the truss antenna. - They need to be untangled and strung on the appropriate antenna.

A closeup of the tag marking the antenna and the turnbuckles

The Truss antenna support lying on the deck at the helo port

The Disc Cone Antenna support on the bow of the BB62

<<<<Click here to read a description of the DISCONE antenna

You can see the hardline coming up to feed the truss antenna.

<<<<Click here to read a description of what a "truss" antenna is.

Insulator for Truss Antenna - found in FACCON 2

Terminator box for the Twin Stub Antenna

Location of Twin Stub antenna - Starboard mid-ship, 03 level, forward of Tomahawk Missle deck

Moving the vertical antennas from Radio Central - moved to outside deck in preparation for re-installation.

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