Restoration Pictures from May 2001

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The rack from the VHF room finally made it - This is the one that gave us so much trouble last week!

Another rack finds it's home in Radio Central - this one came from the crypto room and had to be lowered over the rails outside to the lower deck and then through the corridors to Radio Central.

Starting the operating table in FACCON 2 (The Ham Shack) - Dave seems to be trying to figure out if he measured right!!

More work on the operating table

First phase of operating table completed - Looks pretty good

Al works on restoring light panels for TTY racks.

Bill replaces old terminal with new packet monitor.

Dave & Ruben put donated R-390 in the rack in FACCON1.

Lou works on rebuilding the frame for the "coke machine"

"Coke Machine" returns to FACCON1 with the help of Lou and Jim.

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