BB62 Forward Motor Room

Restoration Pictures from January - December 2001

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4 of the 6 500 watt amplifiers used by the 1 MC general announcing system

1 MC control panel on the left; Ship's electrical switchboard on forward bulkhead.

5th & 6th amps used by 1 MC; speaker group cutout switch panel on back wall.

The 1 MC control panel - connectors were cut off of internal patch cables

1 MC control panel opened for restoration of system

#6 A look at all the soldering that has to be done to reconnect the wiring harnesses.- Notice the cut harness in the lower left corner of the picture.

1MC panel soldering almost completed - check #5 to see the difference

Remember that harness in #6? Check it out now!!

Thank you to the cleaning crew who DID NOT notice the removed harness section lying under the panel when they last swept the floor.

Ralph gets ready to send power to 1MC amps for testing.

Bob, John and Stan waiting to see if newly rebuilt amps will work. - THEY WORK!

THE VOICE OF BB62 is back! - John Saracen, John Goheen & Bob Jones have big grins on their faces as the 1MC is heard "around the ship". (June 2, 2001)

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