Restoration Pictures through April 28, 2001

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Entrance to Radio Central

"Coke Machine" is missing in FACCON 2

During the April shipyard raids, we were able to find parts to replace the missing "Coke Machine"

More coke machine parts come to the BB62

Teletype machines in Radio Central

Overall Radio Central with Vertical antennas temporarily stored there. 

Another team works on the 21 & 22MC intercom system.

Installing some of the equipment racks - moved to Radio Central from the Crypto Room.

Gary (standing) showing Dave a modified R-1051 - Gary is in the process of re-lighting
the 16 gutted  R-1051s

One of the teams inspects the TTY machines - checking for any demil damge done to equipment; some escaped - some didn't.

R-1051 receivers in FACCON 1
These were all demilled.

Patch Panels in FACCON 1

FACCON 2 - decks, bulkheads, no equipment

Close up of RTTY patch panels

Rubin and Bill inspecting equipment that goes in the relocated racks - this equipment will be converted to 2meter packet to give the radio room a dynamic look and feel.

The AN/UYK-20 - the Navy version of packet radio

This is where the antenna receiver couplers once stood.

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