Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station

Ship's Arrangement Drawings

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BB62 Combat Information Center (CIC) Arrangement Combat Engagement Center (CEC) Arrangement AFT Radio Central and FACCON-1 & 2 FWD
Combat Information Center (CIC) arrangement Combat Engagement Center (CEC) arrangement Radio Central and FACCON (Facilities Control) areas
Transmitter Room (Radio 2) Floor Plan (1991) Transmitter Room (Radio 2) as it appears today
photo by Dave Burgess
Floor Plan of Radio 2 (Transmitter Room, 3rd Deck) off Broadway as it appeared in 1991.  Redrawn by Dave Burgess from a sketch left behind by a USS New Jersey crewman. Transmitter Room as it appeared in 2001 with equipment removed during decommissioning.  Foundations and cables are all that were left (viewed from Broadway).

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