Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station (BNJARS)

Officers and Committees 2021 - 2022


President Harry Bryant (AA2WN)
Vice President Rich Enwright (KB3NRL)
Secretary Ron Schaffer (W2RES)
Treasurer Lou Priestly (N2HQL)
Chief Engineer Dave Burgess (WA2TVS)
Directors Margaret Burgess (KB2BRR)
Bill Bacon (KE2XC)
Bill Lewis (KC2JEK)

Station License Trustee Dave Burgess (WA2TVS)
Public Information Officer

Committee Chairs
Restoration and Maintenance John Saracen (WB2DBF)
Education/Scouting Relations Ed Martino (N2PV)

Standing Committee Chairs
Public Events Harry Bryant (AA2WN)
QSL Margaret Burgess (KB2BRR)
Station Operation Dave Burgess (WA2TVS)
Emergency Communications Open

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