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BNJARS at Dayton Hamvention - May 2009

 The 2009 version of the Dayton Hamvention was a great success with great weather, large crowds, loads of interest in the BB-62 and Museum Ships Weekend. A very rough count indicates upwards to 700 attendees visited the booth during the three day event.

     A new site at the BB-62 Booth this year was a new "display wall". We divided it into the different areas of the ship we have worked on and showed the progression of each area over the last 8 years. Margaret, KB2BRR and Beth, KB2EAL did a great job getting this display together for the event.
     Thanks to the efforts of Martin ??????, new Museum Ships Banners could be seen from a great distance away and really drew in the people. We talked to lots of people who were very interested in the event. In addition, we even collected a few more ships to be added to the participation list.

     Harry AAZS2WN, Charlie N3NQX, Dave WA2TVS and Margaret KB2BRR manned the booth, when not roaming the other vendor booths. We had a nice visit from member Gary Hollenbaugh, NJ8BB, who lives in the Dayton area.

     We also have to congratulate BNJARS member Tom Williams who passed his "license" test at the Dayton VE session and is now KC2VGB.

     All in all a great trip and a lot of fun.


Museum Ship Weekend - June 6 -7, 2009

     The weekend of June 6 & 7 the onboard ham shack was busy in support of the annual Museum Ships Weekend Event. At various times we had as many as 3 HF stations on the air simultaneously. CW, SSB and PSK31 were all used with SSB being the most productive. Member turnout was a little low this year with only 4 members present all day on Sunday. We did very wel making 610 contacts. Hey - we actually qualify for our own Museum Ships certificate this year.

     42 States                   17 Countries                 27 Museum Ships

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)- Oct 2009

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