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BNJARS at the Orlando HamCation - Feb 8-10, 2008

Report from Joe Cramer N2XYZ BNJARS PIO

     Hi All! Just got back and settled from the HamCation. We went up on Wed of last week and stayed until late Sunday morning. Weather was great. Our location was great as well. In all we had over 235 people that we talked to at the motorhome many others paused and looked and moved on. I got a chance to present the Battleship and NJ2BB at a forum on Sat. with about 30 or so, with several NJ2BB members present. I did get some Pics for you. We got interest from tailgaters that were setting up on Thursday. I went a day early to get a good site and it paid off.

     The staff support was great. Those guys worked hard but they made the task of parking all of those groups with little hassle. They helped you park your vehicles and made sure things were safe including electric and water hook ups. There was a WWII vet. that stopped and talked for some time, come to find out he lives 3 blocks from me.  

 <------    Another WWII vet had a BB64 hat on. Turns out he was a plank owner and a radiomen on the Wisconsin. I gave him Bob's morning net freq. as he is still active on 20 meters.


     I had made up a small poster of Museum Ship Weekend, and I got a lot of questions and gave them a flyer and directed them to check out rules on the web. The slide show brought very little attention unless they wanted to see something special. Had a couple guys from the old USS Salem club stop by.


The man and wife couple I had talked to them on 20 meter net from FR and met them at our winter location and then again at the HamCation. They are from Minneapolis and also have a motor home.

Recognize anybody in this picture?

     BNJARS at Dayton Hamvention - May 2008

     This year we had a change in where our booth was located. How appropriate that our new booth number was 362 (for BB-62). The new location gave us a perfect spot to put up a screen high enough for people to see across the room showing a slide show of our restoration work.

     Many thanks to all BNJARS members who stopped by to help man the booth during the weekend. Once again we had the replica of a 16 inch shell at the booth which attracted quite a bit of attention. We also had quite a few visitors from other museum ships who stopped by to say hello and let us know they would be on the air during Museum Ships Weekend.

Museum Ship Weekend - June 7-8, 2007

     The weekend of June 7 & 8 the onboard ham shack was busy in support of the annual Museum Ships Weekend Event. At various times we had as many as 3 HF stations on the air simultaneously. CW, SSB and PSK31 were all used with SSB being the most productive.

     We made 532 contacts which is a few more than we did last year. All of this with an SFI of 65 and 66 and all of our shipboard QRN to boot. Not at all a bad effort.

     Hopefully next year we'll be well into the upswing of the solar cycle and have a few sun spots to help us out. Thanks to the dozen or so members that came out for the event!

40 States                   8 Countries                 14 Museum Ships

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)- Oct 2008

Well, JOTA is put to bed for another year! Although the attendees numbers were down, in all other respects the event was very successful. We had a total of 22 Webelos Scouts and leaders attend and they all expressed having a great time and they were very glad they came. They all were from Burlington County Scout Council in NJ.

Band conditions (bottom of cycle)were poor, however, we were able to talk over 2 meters locally and also to Florida on 20 and 17m.

As usual, we enjoyed excellent support both from the Club and from the Ship. Also, from the Camden County Parks and Recreation Department. Special thanks to the following: AA2WN, WA2TVS, KB2BRR, N2PV, N2WFN, K2SLA, W2KP, WA2LET, N2HQL, KA2YKN, K3ZKO, and KC3AM from Delaware (who did I forget??).

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