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Memorial Day - May 26,2001

BB62 First Special Event

The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station's first Special Event was held on Saturday, 26 May, 2001. By all accounts it was a great success, with over 550 contacts made.

Bob W2MAS makes first contact

Bob Westcott, W2MAS, talking with Janice, KC8HMG, the first station to be contacted from the new BNJARS HF station.
Bob is a plankowner of the USS New Jersey, having served as a radioman during World War II.
Listen to the QSO (MP3 format from the Courier-Post).

Ray Schnapp, WB2NBJ, at the mic in Radio Central, while Ron DiFalco, N2WYZ, handles the logging during the pile-ups.

Ray and Ron work HF

Museum Ship Weekend - July 21-22, 2001

The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station was activated on Saturday/Sunday, 21-22 July, 2001 to participate for the first time in the Museum Ships On the Air Special Event.   Guess everyone wanted to talk to BB62 since we made over 1400 contacts.  Below are some pictures of the operators as they worked the pileups from the Radio Rooms of the Battleship New Jersey.

Harry Bryant, AA2WN, event coordinator and Wayne Wilson, WA2LET operate HF station in the shack.

WA2LET & AA2WN working museum ships

KC2IEX makes her first contact

Nancy Marbry, KC2IEX, makes her first
contact on HF with Ruben Kafenbaum, WA2NBL as control op

Fred Munzenmayer, K2DX, works the pileups on 20 meters

K2DX works 20 meter pileup

Opening day- Oct 14, 2001

The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station was activated on Monday, Oct 15, 2001 following the Dedication Ceremony on Oct 14 and the Official Ribbon Cutting on Oct 15. Below are some links to pictures and information about the big weekend.

Crowd seen from 011 level

Shot taken from the 011 level shows the
crowd of dignataries, veterans & volunteers
who participated in the ceremonies.

NJBB signal flags
Signal flags showing ship call letters NJBB.  Dave, WA2TVS, had the privilege of helping to hoist the flags.

Ralph Foy, KC2HOC and Dave Burgess, WA2TVS  operate VHF station.

W2MAS & N2ASU operate HF station
Bob Westcott, W2MAS  & Craig Martin, N2ASU,  at HF station on Monday


JOTA - October 20 -21, 2001

The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station participated in its first JOTA weekend on Oct 20-21, 2001. We only had a few scouts come in due to the short notice but next year we plan to have a bigger event when scouts do an encampment on the ship for the weekend. We also had a computer set up in Radio Central with a satellite tracking program (Instatrak), donated by AMSTAT,  tracking the ISS during the day so we could try to make contact. 

Scouts who took a tour of the ship and expressed an interest in the ham shack, were escorted back to the shack at the end of their tour. Each scout was given a special "participation card" with a picture of BB62, their name and the call of the station they worked. Although we didn't have a lot of scouts, the ones who participated were very enthusiastic.

John Saracen, WB2DFB, and Tom Collins, N2SR, aid a scout in making contact.

Cub Scouts listen to radio room tour before going into shack to work some JOTA stations.

Dave, WA2TVS, tries to work the ISS during JOTA. They were coming in loud and clear but there were too many others calling at the same time.

Bill Driesbach, KB2MMI, working some stations during the weekend

10 Meter Contest - Dec 15-16, 2001
BB62 - First Contest entry for NJ2BB

The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station participated in its first official ARRL contest on Dec 15-16, 2001. We participated in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest in the Multi-operator/single transmitter/mixed mode class.

Harry Bryant, AA2WN, works CW
during the 10 meter contest.

Chris, WK2W operates during contest

Chris Heller, WK2W, making more contacts on CW.

Dave, WA2TVS, gets some phone contacts.
Dave, WA2TVS, does some SSB
Preliminary Results:

Total operating time per our log:

17.3 hours for 443,040 total points.


Photos Copyright © 2001 BNJARS. 

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