Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station (BNJARS)

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Membership to the Battleship New Jersey is open to everyone, even if you do not have an amateur radio license.  To join, please download the application form, fill it out, and mail it to the address shown on the bottom of the application.  Currently, there are no dues for active members.  Please be sure to include the following:

  • The completed and signed application
  • A copy of your amateur radio license (if you have one).

You will also need the following, which you should deliver to the Home Port Alliance (or hand in on your first visit to the ship):

  • A copy of your Home Port Alliance volunteer application (if not already on file with the HPA - Available when you first board the ship)
  • A copy of your HPA "Release and Waiver of Liability" (if not already on file with the HPA).

Note:  Without an e-mail address, we will not be able to contact you, as we currently do not do mailings.  You must visit our website or contact another member to get current information.

Classes of Membership

There are several classes of membership:  Active, Auxiliary, Life, Honorary, and Cadet.

Active Member - A Member who meets the participation requirements as set forth in the BNJARS Bylaws. A ham radio license is preferred but not required.

Auxiliary Member - An occasional contributor to the BNJARS who does not meet the participation requirements, but who possesses unique skills or abilities in support of the organization.

Life Member - A long-term member who met participation requirements for an extended period.

Honorary Member - Any member who served on the USS New Jersey or other Iowa-class battleship.

Cadet Member - A member under the age of 18.

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