Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station (BNJARS)

Battleship Sounds 

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Alarm Sounds
The following are the actual alarm sounds heard on the Battleship since 1982.  You will need a media player capable of playing WAV files.
General Alarm [WAV] General Alarm
Collision [WAV] Collision Alarm
Chemical  [WAV] Chemical Alarm
Flight Deck Crash  [WAV] Flight Deck Crash Alaram
  Various Other Alarms and Sounds Heard on Navy Ships
General Quarters [WAV] Call to General Quarters, followed by General Alarm
Man Battle Stations [WAV] Call to Man Battle Stations
All Hands [WAV] All Hands is piped as a general call to any event in which all hands are to participate (to battle stations for example).  It is sounded after the bugle call "Reveille," before word is passed to break out and trice up.
Belay [WAV] A short "Belay" means "Vast heaving."  A long "Belay" means "Vast heaving and make her fast."
Heave Around [WAV] This call, piped twice, means "Heave around" on the capstan or winch.  Piped once, it means "Mess gear."  It is also part of the pipe for "Mess Call."
Mess Call [WAV] The pipe "Mess call" is the longest of the lot;  it should cover not less than a minute.  It consists of "All hands," a long "Heave around," and a long "Pipe down," in that order.
Pipe the Side [WAV] The pipe "Alongside" is sounded so as to finish just as the visitor's boat makes the gangway.  During this pipe the side boys and Boatswain's Mate stand at attention but do not salute.
Radio Sounds
Encrypted Voice [WAV] ANDVT voice encrypter used on secure HF radio circuits
Radio Fax [WAV] HF facsimilie signal
Radio SITOR Data [WAV] HF SITOR radio signal
Radio Teletype [WAV] Teletype radio signal
Sonar Ping [WAV] Sonar ping sounds (just like in the movies!)
Other Sounds
Anchor's Away [WAV] Navy anthem
Ship's Bells (4 bells) [WAV]

Used to mark time

of Bells
(AM or PM)
1 12:30 04:30 08:30
2 01:00 05:00 09:00
3 01:30 05:30 09:30
4 02:00 06:00 10:00
5 02:30 06:30 10:30
6 03:00 07:00 11:00
7 03:30 07:30 11:30
8 04:00 08:00 12:00

(These audio files were obtained from a variety of sources. 

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