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Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station (BNJARS)

Log Search Page for NJ2BB

Please use this applet to search the logs of NJ2BB "Battleship New Jersey ARS."  These logs are updated at the beginning of each month to include contacts made during the previous month. 

Please verify you are in the log for NJ2BB before sending for a QSL card.  All requests for QSL cards must be accompanied by a SASE with current rate postage or an IRC.  DX stations may QSL via the Bureau if preferred. 

Requests received without a SASE or IRC cannot be answered as BNJARS is a "zero budget" organization and does not have funds to provide postage and envelopes for all the requests we receive.

Note:  You must have Java Plug-ins enabled in order to use this feature!
In Netscape, click on Edit, Preferences.  On the Advanced tab, select "Enable Java" and "Enable Java Plug-in"  

Please be sure to put a check mark in the log you want to search.
You can search each log separately or all at the same time.

Our log search only contains CALLSIGN, MODE & FREQ.
Dates will no longer be included in order to stop the "mining" of contacts.

Sorry but the search applet requires a Java aware browser.

NJ2BB does not provide e-QSL cards at this time.

All requests for QSL cards should be made through our QSL Manager:

Margaret Burgess, KB2BRR
150 Schooner Ave
Barnegat, NJ 08005

NOTE:  If you are sure you worked NJ2BB but don't find your call in the log, contact

  Provide the call used (your callsign), date, and approximate time of your QSO, and she will check the logs to see if there may have been a misspelling of your callsign.  If your call can't be found after using some "creative" searching, you will be notified of such. 

Because NJ2BB is in a public facility that has many visiting operators, sometimes contacts may not get logged.  We apologize for this, but we hope you will try to work us again to get in the log. 

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