Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station (BNJARS)

Antenna List for BB-62

(Excluding Radar Antennas)

Nomenclature Description Location
15' Trussed Whip 10-30 MHz Aft, behind Turret No. 3
AS-2815/SRR-1 UHF FLTBCST Rx, 249-259 MHz (Motorola) Forward tower
AS-3018A/WSC-1(V) UHF SATCOM Tx/Rx, OE-82 "Trash Can" About Frame 135
AN/WSC-3 Amplifier Mounted near antenna
OE-233/WRN-5 For Inertial/Satellite Navigational System  
CCTV Assume Broadcast Television antenna  
15' Trussed Whip   Stack
Twin Fan 2-6 MHz (AS 5199/U ??) Stack to Main Mast, P/S
AS-1018B/URC UHF Tx/Rx, 225-400 MHz Dipole  
AS-3226/URC VHF Tx/Rx, 30-88 MHz, 800 W (12x4") Antenna Products Viacom [TD-1289 coupler?]  
AS-177()/UPX IFF Antenna, 1090 MHz Tx, 1030 MHz Rx  
AS-3240/URN-25 TACAN Navigation Antenna
(part of OE-273A(V)/URN TACAN Group)
Top mast
AS-1735/SRC UHF Tx/Rx, 225-400 MHz, 1 KW Omni Dipole Web [may use OA-9123 coupler] Top mast, mounted around mast
AS-150/SRC AT-150 UHF Antenna Top mast
AS-3316/SLQ SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare (EW) Antenna?  
AS-2537A/SR 35 HF Whip [may use OA-9122 coupler]  
LTN-211 Omega Radio Navigation, VLF (Litton)  
35' Twin Whip   Above bridge, angled forwards
Discone Cage AS-2802 ?? 10-30 & 4-12 MHz Bow


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