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    Bob Westcott and Family

      Bob was one of the original radiomen onboard the USS New Jersey (BB62) when it was commissioned in 1943. He is also a Ham radio operator with the call sign W2MAS and a member of BNJARS. He has been most generous with his knowledge, stories and memorabilia.

       Bob was 20 yrs old when he became part of the first crew to serve on the New Jersey.  He has many stories about his days aboard and especially about the radio room of that era.   In the 1940s the radio room was located on the 3rd deck off "Broadway" and all communications that were received were transcribed by typewriter and then delivered to the proper officer. Bob remembers that in those days there was no air-conditioning on the ship and he used to take his bedding and sleep in the transmitter room because it was the coolest place on the ship since it was water cooled.

<<< Bob Westcott with his family in 1942.
Robert Westcott, Jr (son)
Doris May Westcott (wife)
Robert Westcott, Sr.
Mollie Anna Westcott (daughter)

           On May 26, 2001, BNJARS activated a radio station from the Battleship New Jersey for the first time.   This special event was commemorating the 58th anniversary of the commissioning of the USS New Jersey.  Bob Westcott, W2MAS, had the pleasure of making the very first radio transmission from the battleship on that day.  It was quite emotional for both Bob and his family who were present for the event.  You can hear that transmission in MP3 format (thank to the Courier Post)

Bob Westcott, W2MAS operates
NJ2BB in May 2001

W2MAS operates NJ2BB in May 2001

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    Earl A. Coolman - OH

Deward D. Price - AL Robert R. Snow - WA Vernon H. Merrill - MA

    Stanley Otto - MI

A. E. Huston - AZ H. B. McCauley - NY Robert J. Westcott- NJ

    George J.M. Oquilai-MD

ArthurE. Crouse - MA James E. Clemont - AL Paul D. Dean - OH

    John J. Effinger - KY

John Wm. Henry - IN James M. Edwards - ID Harold L. Yates - IL

    William J. Jackson - NY

John Cooper - WV Richard L. Stone - WV Robert E. Oppinall- OH

    Daniel Duffield - NJ

Kenneth Cunningham-MN Richard D. Harrison-IN William H. Green - FL

    Wm. P.  Sukosky - PA

Ivan Gravning - MN Robert R. Lunekk - IL Harold L. Wiley - MO

    Charles L. Deal - OH

Jack D. Schaar - PA Paul F. Brunledge - IA James M. Rummel - MI

    Raymond R.  Baxter -IN

William Pulver - AZ LeRoy E. Hurd - CA Walter Plaiqek - IL

    W. T.  Kerrigan - CA

K. R.  Wilhite - IL Curtis L.  Charlain -GA Lloyd Craven - SC

    K. G. Leach - LA

Thomas R. Donald-OH Porrell J. Ferland - MA

1943 CR Division Officers

    A R McLain

K. Brandt - OK D R Borg - MI L P Leggetti - WV

    P.  Bell - WV

I. H. Ryalilesnd - NC R. H. Mays D C Mandeville - MI

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FDR -death announced to USS NJ

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