Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station (BNJARS)

        Richard Stone served onboard the USS New Jersey from December 1943 to November 1945. His rating was Third Class Radioman. When contacted he generously sent us several pictures showing some of the crew members that served with him during that time. He also included a couple of stories that he remembers from those years and we will be adding them to the "Tidbits" page in the near future. The originals of the pictures shown here are still in Richard's posession.  


    From the CR Div 1944>>>>>
    Left to Right
    Robert Westcott,
    and Richard Stone.


On May 25, 2002 Richard returned to the BB62 with his family.
He took a trip down memory lane by visiting the location of the original
radio room (1945) which is located at the base of turret #2.

    Back Row: L to R: Ferland, Hanson (eyes), Stone, Dean
    Front Row Left to Right: Doonan, Brass
    CR Div. 1944 WWII

  Back Row L to R: Brass, Doonan, Zachinni, Hanson
Front Row Left to Right: Jackson, Berger, Stone
August 1944

Officers CR Div. WWII

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