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From A J Waters of TX on 07 Jun 2013

I'd like to say thank you to all the folks for your hard work organizing and getting Museum Ships Weekend 2013 on the air! What a great way to remember all our current and past veterans! Thanks again, and we're looking forward to next year. Great Job!!!!!!!

From Johnnie Popwell Sr. W4TSP of FL on 31 May 2013

Very Nice and informative Website

From Johnny W Herring, Jr of NJ/TX on 29 May 2013

I am interested joining a radio club in New Jersey as I have moved to New Jersey for part of the year and then back to Texas the other part.I do not know all the criteria that is set down to join the USS New Jersey Battle Ship Ham club. If in fact I can join. Please inform me, where and when I can meet if in fact I qualify. Thank You 73's N5JWH

From Kenneth E. Williams AJ4XL of FL on15 May 2013

I really enjoy the pictures and all the hard work that everyone has done on the Lady. When I was a instructor at University of Pen we held a commissioning ceremony each year at the Ship Yard. Great to see the Lady taken well care for and great job to all hands. Retired Chief Petty Officer, U. S. Navy.

From Larry Miglore, KB9DIP of IL on 21 Apr 2013

Thanks for the great QSO fellas. Great history to view and great efforts on restoration. 73 de KB9DIP, Larry

From Laura Mullen of AZ on 19 Feb 2013

Your website and the work you have done restoring the ship's radio spaces is truly amazing. Your efforts represent the standard that all of the other museum ships should have to meet. Thanks also for taking the time to document your progress and putting it on the web for all to follow along.

From Donal G Ward of KY on 27 Dec 2012

Crew member 83-88 2nd Div. & G4 Div.

From Dave Digweek of Canada on 22 Oct 2012

Nice to contact your special Battleship Station with our special Event Station CG3B, 200th Anniversary of PEACE and FRIENDSHIP between Canada and USA. Congratulations on all the hard work the volunteers are doing to preserve this Battleship and its history. 73, Dave VE3FOI/CG3B Our operator Basil VA3MZB of Niagara Falls Ontario contacted the ship on July 21, 2012, he served in the USA Navy in electronics/radio field, a QSL card has been sent to your manager.

From Paul Cavnar AE7VT of NV on 15 Sep 2012

Heard NJ2BB on 20m PSK31 this morning but, could not make contact. Worked KH6BB while the NJ was in Hawaii in 2004. Thanks for a great job of restoration!

From Roy H Pnchin Sr. of FL on 27 Jul 2012

Ex Old Barney Member in Manahawkin. Going to visit the ship next time I'm in New Jersey.

From Angel Viera WA4AV of FL on 27 Jul 2012

tnx u guys for the Special Event I work it every year...God Bless

From Terry Graham K3ZMW of PA on 5 Jul 2012

Had a limited tour of the ship yesterday. When I saw you had a station there, I had to try for a QSO. Are you on the air on a regular schedule?

From Cliff Fox KU4GW of NC on 3 Jun 2012

Thanks for Ships On the Air QSO with your operator named Harry on 6/03/12 on 7.037.250 Mhz at 1347 UTC. QSB was bad, had you 589 to almost inaudible, then 589 again.Hope you guys have a fantastic time! Very 73 de Cliff KU4GW!

From Tod Andrews KJ6H of NV on 28 May 2012

Guys, great job I was there today (Memorial Day) and was sad to have missed you working the station. I live in Las Vegas, NV where we have very few battleships! Keep up the great work and I will come by again soon as I will be back in Camden next month on business.

From Bob Keogh of NJ on 21 MAY 2012

I was aboard the Ship last Friday for a Veterans Job Fair and took a tour of the radio shack. It brought back a lot of memories, some good, some bad...

I served 67-71 on several amphib ships, call signs NPRX, NLOU and NIOH.

Maybe I'll stop by some Saturday.

From Douglas White of NJ on 26 Feb 2012

Wonderful job on building up the shack ... I would like to at some point volunteer time to help.. Keep up the good work .

From Wally Mnimus AB3MR of PA on 7 Nov 2011

I had the privelige of visiting your radio room last year. I met a couple of your operators and was shown the equipment at that time. I was impressed.

From D Tracy Lane KC5RBQ/7 of WA on 19 Oct 2011

I was the LPO for the EW gang (OZ Div) for '84 to '90. We had the AN/SLQ-32 (V)3 on the O10 & O11 levels, with the control console in CEC. We fired the 8 SRBOC launchers from that same console. Drop me a line if you need more info, and hope to work you some day! 73 de Echo Whiskey One, out.

From Rich Morgan KF9F of IL on 26 Sep 2011

One of our ops worked you 9/24/ from K9HAM, WINGS & WHEELS SPEC. EV. STN. REGARDS & 73

From Carl Brady KB8GBL of OH on 25 Jul 2011

Keep up the good work.

From Charles Martin KJ4UTD of KY on 2 Jul 2011

I heard you on 20m this morning (7/2/2011), and you were loud and clear. I am new to PSK31, and hope to be on the air very soon. You would have been 599 from eastern KY this morning (if I were on the air).

From Bob Allard KC2TFI of NY on 5 Jun 2011

Great web site and a Great Contest, Musuem Weekend Event. There are some pretty cool ships out there.

From John L Ribble N3OD of PA on 5 Jun 2011

I visited the ship in July 2008. I took a guided tour, but did not get to see the ham station. I am a history buff and really enjoyed the tour. I am also interested in and own and operate military gear both HF & VHF.I would love to be able to volunteer with the radio project, however it is near a 100 mile drive and with gas prices so high-I really could not afford to travel so far.Thank you guys and gals for keeping this great ship on the air. This is museum ship weekend and every year I try to work the NJ and other ships I have visited such as the Little Rock, The Sullivans and The Croaker.

From: Jerry Uhte K9UT of IN on 5 Jun 2011

Glad to be back with this special event, finally got 16 ships on cw and ssb ! Thanks for the event will qsl with $ and log !

From: Roy Holmes KA8BYU of NY on 1 Jun 2011

hi, great lineupof ships for this years event, hope to work a lot of them
73 ka8byu

From: Randy Kick K5BUD of OK on 28, May 2011

Hope to see you on the air 73

From: Gene Kohlmeier of NY on 5 Nov 2010

I came across your site at about 4pm today while researcing another topic. It is now 2000, and I'm still at the office. I could not stop reading the history of your restoral actions since 2001.

Congratulations on your restoral efforts! Your narrative of the progress reports is great! I have a special interest in the NJ, and I was not in the Navy. I was at DaNang in 1968/69 and had the opportunity to see/hear 16" shells from the NJ arching over the base headed inland. The NJ was firing triples from the harbor.

I am so glad that volunteers like yourselves are taking the time (40,000 hrs +)out of your family's lives for this very worthwile restoral project. I hope some day to able to visit this ship and see your handiwork.

My hats off to you, and please keep up the good work.

From: Norman L. Walker W9NLW of FL on 18 Sep 2010

Listening to NJ2BB do a great job talking to the scouts on 14.202 MHZ at 15:28 Sept 18, 2010, really great job..........

From: Sheldon I Stone K7SLS of AZ on 13 Jun 2010

great sight. was on the New Jersey from 1951-1953 Lot's of memories and looked up in the ships books for radio club members

From: Jerry L Huffman N8YN of OH on 4 Jun 2010

Great website. I appreciate all that you do. Museum Ships Weekend is my favorite ham weekend of the year bar none. I just wished that I lived close so I could be a part of this. I retired from the Navy on 30JUN86 with 24yrs. service. A tin can sailor by trade but if it is haze gray and gets underway, I love it! Best of luck to all.

73 N8YN

From: Robert Hlywka of Canada on 2 Jun 2010

Thanks for the radio contact Mike, 11:50 June 2, 2010

Bob VE3 WWI Norwood Ontario Canada

From: MSgt David C. Stiteler, USAF (KE5UVD) of OK on 28 May 2010

Have a great time during the Museum Ships Weekend Event. I'm sorry that I'm going to miss it due to being involved in an ORI, but I will be thinking about it. I hope to catch you on the next one. 73 to you all.

From: Daniel DL1OFC of Germany on 19 Jan 2010

Hello, All the best from Germany 73 de Daniel DL1OFC

From: Jeff Bjorgo CWO2 USN Ret. of MN on 23 Nov 2009

I was the last Communications LCPO onboard BB62. RMC(SW). My last reenlistment was under Frame 117 in the NJBB shack, on watch, Dec 1989. My sailors won that Green "C", they were a good crew. FWFS.

From: Dennis Collins KC2TSM on 12 Oct 2009


From: Richard Spicer ETN2 KC7DLW on 15 Oct 2009

Great website!! Bravo-Zulu to all on the great work in Radio Central and Transmitter room. I was an ETN2 on the USS Rowan DD782,(70-74), and seeing all your gear brought back alot of great memories. Keep up the great work.

From: Wally Thompson WB5ILK of TX on 20 Jun 2009

Thanks for the warm welcome and chance to operate NJ2BB today. It was the highlight of touring the ship, to find such a nice group of guys and yl's and impressive station setup. 73 Wally WB5ILK

From: Mitch Baum, AF2M of FL on 6 Jun 2009

AF2M in Log book PSK31 on 14.071

From: Bob Bergmueller of NC on 31 May 2009    

Greetings from NC. Looking fwd to trying to QSO on Museum Ships Weekend. DE KG4AQN Bob

From: Tom Haley, CPO, USN Ret. KJ4JGD of NC on 30 May 2009

Heard you up on 20 meters morning, wasn't able to get through to you so far. Visited BB-62 when I was Fleet Liason at Pearl Harbor. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun.

From: Mike Bucklaew of NY on 17 Apr 2009   

Made my first visit to BB62 today. Didn't get to see the ham station but really enjoyed seeing the ship. We'll be back...

Keep up the good work!

From: Terry Murphy of FL on 28 Feb 2009

Will be looking for you when 10 meters opens again ... great job .. thanks Terry

From: John Hewitt K6LSN of CA on 20 Feb 2009

Its so good to see all the work you all have done and it was a pleasure to hear your station on 20M today in Northern Ca. Sounded great too! Thanks to your webmaster also for the great website! 73

From: Jack Cleavenger, Jr KD5ILA of AR on 3 Jan 2009

Great web site and really enjoying working her during Museum Ships Weekend. She is a great ship. All former crews should be very proud of her. Looking forward to the next contact. RMC, USN-RET

From: Wendelin Giebel of NY on 3 Jan 2009

Just discovered your page . Will listen for your station

From: George Strayline of NJ on 13 Dec 2008

Very nice website. So nice to stop in to say hello to everyone. TNX VM FER UR GUD WRK

From: Joseph Grinnell of ME on 30 Nov 2008

I enjoyed your website. I learned a lot.

From: Jim N5TSG of AR on 17 Oct 2008  

Toured the ship today. Was very impressed with it. I had no clue there was a HAM pressence on it. I will be looking forward to working you guys on the air. Keep up the hard work.

From: Ben Doyle K4SVC of TN on 14 Sep 2008  

My son-in-law, Marine Lt Stan Bennett, was aboard the NJ in the 1980s during it's first cruise after mothballs. I had a tour of the ship while it was still at Long Beach. Quite a ship.

From: Richard J Luce Jr / K3EVA of PA on 8 Sep 2008  

Looking forward to get over to the ship and the amateur radio station. . Rich Luce / K3EVA Warminster ARC

From: Juan J Forestieri of Ecuador on 4 Jun 2008

Congratulations The page has all the info needed to learn more about the ship and the club. I'll be there this week end to keep my contacts qsl's as collections. BEST 73S TO ALL JOHN HC2FN

From: Johnny Goolsby, N4UQB of AL on 16 May 2008  

XYL and I have enjoyed working all the special event stations whenever we hear them on....tnx, and hope to catch u agn. soon....

From: Valter Norqvist SM2IJR of Sweden on 30 Apr 2008   

Enjoyed going through your fine site. Nice history

From: Adda Gontarz W3QBZ of PA on 27 Apr 2008  

I am looking forward to contacting some of the ships during the upcoming event. This will be a first for me. I have a Navy family so this will make me "special" if I can log a lot of contacts!!! 73 Adda

From: John C Peek of UT on 30 March 2008   

My late father served on the New Jersey during WWII as a 20mm gunners mate. I remember him telling me the story of the time the Jersey let loose a battery of her massive 16" guns and rolled a Jap trawler right over on her keel. Dad also told me about the Jersey's first real action of WWII shooting down a Jap Zeke that was attacking the Iowa. I've got dad's "Jersey War Log" and numerous issues of "The New Jerseyman". Could you use any of this material...I have both on the computer. Let me know. Every WWII documentary I look for "BB62" because I can say "My dad's aboard that battleship right at that moment...he was 16 when he enlisted". I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thank you so much for what you sacrificed. I have wished all my life that I could have served on her. I feel like I've known her for the past 50 years. Dad and I watched the show "Victory at Sea" and we would look for her all the time. Dad loved her too! Thank you.

From Ken Thomson W7MZF of ID on 27 Jan 2008   

Wow! Thanks for the QSO contact, it was very neat. You guys and I'm sure ladies are doing a super job of restoring the radio room. Some day I hope to come and vist. well keep up the good work! hope to make contact again soon.

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