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From Joseph V Li Vecchi of NJ on Dec 24, 2007   

You guys are doin' a great job! I hope to join the ranks soon! - Joe

From Boyd Cecil KE5AJT of AR on Dec 24, 2007   

Hey thanks for keeping the station up and running. I know it's a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Keep up the good work.

From: Jim Barton, NS5M of OK on Nov 11, 2007   

My pleasure to get New Jersey into the log on Sunday, Nov.4, 2007. Many thanks to Arn for his patience.

I was privileged to visit the ship on Veterans' Day, 2001, but was not licensed at the time. Since then, I've visited USS Missouri and worked an afternoon watch as a guest operator for KH6BB on Sept. 2, 2005. The key used on the air that day was the same Vibroplex Champion used to announce Japan's surrender from Tokyo Bay. You might say my fingers were trembling, just a little bit.

I was born and raised in NNJ, and a Marine CT during the Vietnam years. I truly hope to get the chance to visit again, and perhaps launch a few ditties into the ionosphere.

Many thanks for keeping a grand Lady on the air.

From: Harry Morgan of PA on Aug 30, 2007  

can't wait to see her!!

From: Joel, N4URW of FL on Aug 12, 2007  

Mike, Great talking to your station. Great sounding station as you were 59 all the way. Radio here is a Kenwood TS-440SAT and antenna is a Hygain Tribander at 35 feet. Tnx for the contact and I will QSL with SASE. 73's and take care.

Joel McDonald, MSgt, US Air Force, Retired N4URW

From Jim Portwood KH6OU of FL on June 12, 2007

My brother, Bill Jarrard, is a plank owner in USS New Jersey. He now lives near Lake Tawakanie (sp.) in Texas. He spent the war from commissioning to the end of the war in the Pacific aboard New Jersey. He returned home in the old USS Texas BB-38.

From: Dave Rust on June 10, 2007   

I enjoyed working your Station yesterday, June 9, 2007 Thanks for all the work you do.

From: P. Dutch Muetz, of CO on June 8, 2007   

I am a former member of SJRA & Burlington County RC. If I were still back in Delran I would want to be a part of your group.

From: Alan Cronin, EI8EM of Ireland on June 8, 2007  

I would like to thank all the gang for the hospitality shown to me when I visited (with Joe W2ORA)and operated the station some weeks ago.Keep up the good work,I will be hoping to work the station in the near future. 73 Alan EI8EM

From: Robert Marquardt, KI4NRW on May 28, 2007  

it wes a real pleasure making contact with you amatures this morning 5-28-07 on 20 meters.i would have never dreamed of making such a contact on amature radio what luck and me originally from new jersey to boot.well 73 to all on the new jersey and thanks so much for all your hard work your doing therei hope to one day make contact and work you again thanks so much BOB.

From: David M Sitbon of PA on May 14, 2007

I really enjoyed your site. I visited the USS New Jersey for the 1st time on last Thursday and I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed myself! Looking around, hearing Vets' stories and watching videos as I was actually in this grand ship gave me a new appreciation and respect to this wonderful ship and it's Vets who served aboard for so many years. Looking forward to coming back soon. Thanks for putting up such a nice website!

From: Hawk Phillips WA0YAS of PA on May 9, 2007  

Back in the 1980's, I was very privileged to be a part of the re-commissioning of the U.S.S. New Jersey BB-62. It was at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. I was everywhere from the main deck to all decks below and from the 01 and above. I was amazed with the main guns and the amount of gun powder needed to fire one projectile. I am looking forward to the "museum ships on the air" weekend and I hope the New Jersey will be one of the first I get to make contact with. The New Jersey is truly a magnificent ship; the best in her class! I'll be listening for you on the air....

From: Ronald Kaiser, K9RCN of IL on April 22, 2007   

Great pics

From: Bruce Dunlop, VK2MBD of Australia on April 18, 2007   

love the work your doing guys and your web site is cool . hope to chat sometime cheer s 73s bruce vk2mbd

From: Robert Smith of NY on April 8, 2007   

I and 12 other members of the Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club visited the USS New Jersey on April 7th. Was a nice trip. We went on the "firepower" tour, and got to operate the ham radio equipment on board. I made a few contacts on 20m, and had a blast. Can't wait to visit again.

73 Rob - AB2UV

From: Thomas Golero of NY on April 7, 2007   

I had the pleasure to take a tour of the ship and work the station today ,April 7th.The staff of the club were a great bunch who really made my trip meomorable.

From: O.MARSAN F6DGU AMARAD FRANCE on Mar 15, 2007   

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From: Dr. Herbert Van Den Houten, N2OPJ of NJ on Mar 10, 2007   

Excellent work!!! I help resore the USS Ling radios etc.

From: Jan Scheuerman WA2YL of FL on Mar 1, 2007   

One of the biggest thrills of my ham radio career was the day I worked NJ2BB during the Museum Ships on the Air weekend in 2005. Then, on 25 Feb 2007, I had an even bigger thrill when I was part of the SCARA club group of guest operators at the station. Ed-W2KP was a great AO, and I hope to go back again when I return to my second home, in New Jersey. Thanks to all who made this possible. 73.. Jan WA2YL

From: Tony Brown of NJ on Feb 13, 2007   

Very nice site! Keep up the good work.

From: Doug KC5EIB of TX on Feb 7, 2007  

Saw your station on 20 meters PSK talking to OK2AOP. Am not able to transmit on PSK yet. Strong signal on 14071. Antenna is a Dipole 8 feef off the ground on a wood fence due to antenna restrictions. Radio Kenwood TS440. Laptop running Hamscope 1.51

From: Joe Baker W0KBR of NE on Feb 3, 2007   

thank you, 73,s

From: Mike Amaral, N1MX of MA on Jan 14, 2007  

NJ2BB DE N1MX 14JAN07 @1737Z 10.109MHz 2X CW 599

Thanks for the contact...qsl and sase are on the way... 73 Mike Amaral N1MX Walpole, Massachusetts

From: Ken Kretzer, W6 IEZ of CA on Dec 24, 2006  

Looks like you run a tight ship and have a lot of good help.I saw the U.S.S.New Jersey in San Francisco during fleet week.

From: William D Wagner AA8PG of OH on Oct 27, 2006   

Hi, I am interested in becoming a member of the US New Jersey Radio Club. What must I do? I have a little personal story connected with the Lady. I lived in Philly during the the time the Jersey was being build and had the opportunity to visit it at the time it was being built. You see my father spent 2 years in the bottom of ship doing the pipfitting work, so I was able to vist him at the time. Little did I know at the time was that I would be in the Koren was as a member of the lst Marine Division and we called on the Lady to lay down a barrage on the hills near by to slow down the enemy. So, you can see I really have a connection with her. I visited her last Thanksgiving. I'm at present working trying to locate some the history on the building of the ship. Thanks for your time. 73's Bill AA8PG/NNNN0HDB

From: Lopes - PY7BAT of Brazil on Oct 21, 2006   

Hello All I had been in the Brazilian Navy for many years and I never forget that old times that I was young and full of energy. So, I think very important and beautiful the work of restoration of BB New Jersey, I found interesting the personnel with uniforms of the time of young. Just I would like to give a suggestion to place in (sound files) the sound of the ceremonial of the flag. Congratulations - PY7BAT

From: Timothy E. Golden KC4ULT of TN on Sep 7, 2006

Just had a QSO with operator Mike NJ2BB at 1935UTC today on 14.258Mhz. It was great to work another ship that has served her country with pride!!! Great QSO Mike! Thanks, Tim

From: Bill Wagner AA8PG of OH on Sep 5, 2006

Hi, I have a neat story to tell you about my involvement with the New Jersy. It is to long to tell here, but my father worked for two years on the N.J in the bottom of the ship doing pipefitting work. As a child I would hear him talk about not seeing the sun, except on Sunday. He worked for over 2 years on it. I later came in contact with the NJ as a Marine in the Korean War. After one of their salvo's I was bragging to some of my jarheads about how my Dad help build the NJ. Some fond memories.

From: Hugh M. Vales KC9IOP of IN on July 4, 2006

made contact Tuesday, July 4, 2006 what a wonderfull way to cellebrate Independance day. Thanks for the QSL

From: George Brannen KC4YDU of GA on July 3, 2006

Worked NJ2BB on 20 meters this afternoon. 7/3/2006. Just my second HF contact, thank you Mike.

From: Jim O'Brien W4AMP of GA on July 2, 2006   

Proudly served on the lady in 1983 as an Aerographer in the weather office. Just worked Mike onboard on 14.258 as well. Thanks for keeping her on the air. "Democracy at any cost".

From: Mike Knies WB8MMR of OH on June 27, 2006   

I was stationed on the Big J from 1968 to 1969. I am looking to hear from other ship mates that served at that same time. I just had the pleasure of visiting the Big J this last past week and wile on board it brought back many memories. The staff was great and very helpful. Keep up the great work guys and I will see all of you again this time next year.

From: Robert Dockery WD4CNZ of NC on June 12, 2006   



From: Murray Green, K3BEQ of MD on June 10, 2006   

Looking forward to the space balloon event. Here is to a successful flight. 73

From: Nathan Bollinger, KB4CWR of NC on June 4, 2006   

Worked your station this morning on 7249KHz. Chatted with Tom N2AXX. Very enjoyable QSO. Look foward to some day coming up and seeing the ship.

From: C.M. "Chuck" Cusick, W7CMK of NV on June 2, 2006  


From: John White of KY on May 29, 2006   

Very nice Site

From: Jerry Barnish of NJ on May 17, 2006  

I attended the radio club meeting of May 13,2006 I enjoyed being there and hope to back soon.

From: Richard Edwards KA5ALO of OK on May 15, 2006   

Last saw the New Jersy in Cape Hatteras from a distance of 5 or 6 miles. This was in about 1967. I was Navy and cominhg into Norfolk while the NJ was leaving. IMPRESSIVE sight. Good to still see her.

From: John G Barbieri K2JGB of NJ on April 22, 2006   

Great site--hope to visit soon and possibly operate in the radio room. Keepup the great work!!

From: Gary Douglas KD5VJC of OK on April 13 2006   

I had a chance to visit the New Jersey in the 70s. The exact date excapes me. I was part of a group visiting from the RACINE. It was quite am impressive time.

From: BT2 Bill Braus of TX on Mar 26, 2006   

Was stationed aboard the USS New Jersey 1987 to 1989. Email me if you were aboard her during this time.

From: Roy H Pinchin, Sr WA2HCV of FL on Mar 12, 2006   

Wonderful working the ships amateur radio station today 20 meters, Congratulations to all those who worked to restore the ship to the condition its in today. Looking forward to visiting when I'm in the area next time... Originally from Ship Bottom, New Jersey. Now living in Sarasota, Florida

From: Barry of Leeds England on 27 Feb 2006  

Nice site keep up the good work

From: Roger GEHLEN, LX1DO of Luxembourg on Feb 15, 2006

Fine giving the visitors off your excelent museum-ship radio amateur demonstration. This the only way to show works on the ship-world and the intressent activite using large band Radio-Wave activite. since 1949 i am Radio-Amateur. Good luke and i wish you all very good result.

From: Cefred Hildreth AA4CH of FL on Feb 9, 2006   

Am looking forward to visiting the Battlehip New Jersey the next time I travel to my birthplace (Bridgeton, NJ) which is also the home of plank owner Robert Wescott, W2MAS. We are in daily contact by amateur radio. Cefred Hildreth USN(Ret)1946-1970.

From: Joe Baker W0KBR of NE on Jan 22, 2006  

i listened to your station but could not make contact. so i found your call on qrz . very int. enjoyed it. must be a very special group to do all that you do. thanks to everyone

From: Larry G Sell WB0RQL of Hawaii on Jan 16, 2006  

Looking forward to this years WWII Museum ships DX Contest. I worked about 10 ships on the west coast and the U.S.S. Missouri at Pearl Harbor. Hope to work more stations next year as I am in the process of puting up a directional beam antenna. Larry Sell WB0RQL Pahoa, Hawaii.

From: Jim Hume of Scotland on Jan 2, 2006  


Jan 1, 2006:    

The Members of BNJARS wish all our visitors a very Happy New Year.

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