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From: Sergej Brin of USA on Dec 17, 2005   

Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!

From: David Moore- N5ELI of MS on Dec 11, 2005   

QSO This morning was great. Got the web location from the QSO. Excellent web site and pictures. I see that a lot of work went into the renovations. Excellent work. 73 to all associated with the project.

From: Ric Trexell of WI on Nov 12, 2005   

I'm not a ham but I have a Grundig YB400 receiver and when I logged on the net I turned it on to fiddle with it while the confuser booted up. I went to 14275 (20m) or there abouts and heard the radio operator talking with a few guys including one from Florida. It was at 11am Wisconsin time and he said he was going to make a few contacts before breaking for lunch. I went to Yahoo and did a search on the USS NJ ham station and that's how I ended up here. I built a model of the NJ when I was a kid and after high school put 4 years in the Navy. I saw every kind of ship except I never saw a battleship. Hmmmmm. Ok, I'm out of here.

From: Sam W. kc2omo of NJ on Nov 11, 2005   

This is a great site to let people know about the station on board the ship, I was there a few months back and didn't even know there was a station on board.

From: Tony Mariano of FL on Nov 9, 2005  

I just got back on line and if there any men who might know me you can get me at my e mail address. i went to see the ship last year with a buddy of mine nick cagnino. we served in no.1 fire room and i spent the next 2 years in no.2 engine room.

From: Allan Hickman, G0IAS of Great Britain on Oct 22, 2005   

Nice to have made the Contact with a "retired" Battleship, at a time when we in the UK celebrate the 200 year Anniversary of " THE BATTLE of TRAFALGAR...the New Jersey is nearly as famous as our HMS VICTORY... regards to ALL .. please keep up the good work. Allan G0IAS / 7Q7AH.

From: Adam Huffnagle KB3JCP of PA on Oct. 19, 2005   

Saturday 15-10-05 I made My secount tour of duty inside the radio shack. I felt prould to amoung Boy Scout who have nevers expirence the great hobby have come love amateur radio. They also got be apart of Uncle Sam's family for one day learning the history of BB-62. Let not be said that Boy Scouts and Girl Scout are not Service personnel, because we are.

From: John C. Grove KE2OI of NJ on Oct. 2, 2005

I had the distinct honor of working on the New Jersey for Comcast Cares Day. I will be reaching out to Margaret in the next few days as it would be an honor to work on the ship in the radio room or merely demonstrate the station to onlookers and visitors. In any invent, thanks Margaret for the tour of the station and the offer to join the club. Speak to you soon.

From: Tammie M3ENF of England on Sep 3, 2005   

Very interesting website - will check back often! Hope to maybe work/hear you one day also. :)

From: Adam M. Huffnagle KB3JCP of PA on Aug 14, 2005  

When I had visit the ship I really felt like a NAVY sailor. My father is NAVY man and served aboard an air4craft carrier the USS WASP CV-18 during the VIETNAM war. Thank the lord almighty him and his crew never had a tour of duty in VIETNAM. I pray the men & women over in Iraq come soon! I also pray the terrorist wake up and realize their chance for success is extremely remote. I say to them hang it up, youall aint gota prair. I am BOY SCOUT wish I was MARINE SEMPER FI !

From: David Ingle KG4WAP of NC on July 24, 2005   

Good site

From: Patrick NN8N of OH on July 22, 2005   

all the best, and God Bless

From: Dave K2PXM of NY on July 18, 2005

I was attending the USS Boston reunion this past weekend, as was delighted to meet the folks who have worked so hard on restoring the radio spaces. As a radioman from the early 60's it was interesting to see some of the "newer" equipment. I can't remember everybody's names who were so accomodating, but all of you should be proud. I hope to have a CW QSO with you in the near future. Again, thanks for the hospitality. You guys are the best! 73!

From Walt Knights KI4EPN of FL on July 16, 2005   

it was nice to finally get through to the uss new jersey on this 16 july 05 on 20 took 2 hours but was worth it.

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Katherin Phillips of TN on July 17, 2005   
Lester K Phillips of TN on July 17, 2005   
Louis Joe VE3BJR of Sarnia, Ontario Canada on July 12, 2005

From: Norm, KB9YGD on July 2, 2005   

Hi Mike i enjoyed talking to you today(7-2-05/1841 utc) on 20 meters from the battleship.I listened for about an hour while i was working.Thank You and 73,Norm.

From: Marvin Bronstein, K2VHW on May 26, 2005   

Kudos! What a marvelous job BNJARS has done with restoration and repair! I had an opportunity to visit BB 62 in May, 2005 but it wasn't until the DAYTON HAMVENTION Sunday forum that the details of all the work were shown. It is mind-boggeling to learn of all the work that has been done.

From: Ed Cooper N6NP of CA on Mar. 8, 2005    

I was a RM1C (and radioman in charge) at the end of WWII. The New Jersey was the last ship I served on in WWII. I left the ship to get discharged at naval station Seattle. I have worked the station you have set up with your club. In my day the main radio,crypto room, and radio teletype room were below the main deck and near the sick bay I remember there was a radio 7 up in the tower with all the VHF/UHF radios up there.

From: ve3pkm jim of Canada on Feb 17, 2005  

nice work with the page very informative good work

From: Lou Giovannetti KB2DHG of NY on Feb 14, 2005  

I have talked to Ed, W2KP who turned me on to this site. I love what I see here and congradulate all the fine paople that helped keep this ship a float! BRAVO!

From: Al Wiemann W3CE of PA on Nov 16, 2004  

Visited the ship today, and was shown the ham shack by a volunteer. Being an ex Navy Radioman, I enjoyed the entire tour immensely.

From: Jack Absalom KF4YIO of GA on July 31, 2004   

Gene, Really enjoyed the PSK QSO today and spent over 2 hours just going thru these pictures. Great job guys! Look forward to working you again on PSK or whatever.

From: Mike Navarro, N3ZON of PA on July 25, 2004   

hi, just signing your page and saying hello from philadelphia, N3ZON

From: Karl Meyer ,K2KRM of NJ on July 17, 2004   

I talked to Jean on 7262khz LSB,on 18:05 GMT, 7-17-2004! Thanks,and good luck!!!!

From: FRANKYBFC of Berlin Germany on July 12, 2004  


From: Tom Arrowsmith WA7GRV of AZ on June 16, 2004  

Great web site and copied some of the keyboard conversation on 14070 Khz Digipan, thats where I picked up the web site. Served in the Navy from 1947-1954 RM1. I served at Pearl Harbor, San Francisco,CA and then USS Illusive AM448. still am in contact with several people from the Illusive. Keep up the great work..I envy you guys..believe me..

From: Ronald Cron W5CFN  on June 7, 2004   

Enjoyed making contact on 20 mtrs today. I was a radioman on the USS MANSFIELD from 1967 to 1969. I remember seeing the USS NEW JERSEY at Long Beach Calif in 1968 or early 1969. I also remember seeing the ship out at sea.

From: Kirk Sanderson, W8WNA on June 6, 2004  

Glad to know of your organization and activities. Kirk, W8WNA, ex-Lt, USNR

From: Frank O Long N3ZOC   on June 6, 2004   

I was in the USAF Security Service (sister organization of Naval Security Group) and stationed at Da Nang Air Base RVN, Nov 1968 to Nov 1969. Our barracks was of two story modular construction "Modulux" (I-beam frame with fiberglass coated plywood). When the USS New Jersey would fire those heavy guns, the vibrations on the second floor of our barracks would cause the wall lockers and bunks to "walk" from their normal locations. The sounds were sweet music to our ears. Thanks to all for their support.

From: Chuck NA5VY   on June 6, 2004   

Great pleasure and privilege to work NJ2BB during the D-Day weekend. Great website, and it looks like you guys are really doing a great job with New Jersey. Hope to visit her one day. Thanks and 73!

From: Bernie Farrar N7BMJ on June 5, 2004  

Enjoyed your web site and looking for to contacting all the sisters this year.

From: Vince Lombardo KI4AOC on June 5, 2004

My father served on the original New Jersey during WWII and spoke with a gleam as he remembered coaching the boxing team and remembered his friends. I retired from the Navy in 1988 after 23 years and share many similar memories. Thanks for what you are doing.

From: Mike Urso K9FE/Mobile on May 22, 2004   

Great to work the station on commissioning day, 5-22-04 73 de K9FE/Mobile

From: Edwin G McCulley (NNN0OOI Navymars) on April 15, 2004   

Thank you each one for your efforts to maintain the memory of these "Great Ladies" for future generations. Each of you is to be congratulated.

From: Bob Jones, N3WDG on Feb 16, 2004   

Nice Work. I miss being there. Hope to be back someday

From: Harry, AA2WN on Feb 15, 2004:

The new page looks great!

Jan 2, 2004:    

The Members of BNJARS wish all our visitors a very Happy New Year.

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